In a previous blog, I described why following the XDR newsfeed felt like watching a telenovela with always a more dramatic episode around the corner. This might be fun for the casual observer, but it is really hurting CISOs and security teams, and ultimately it is detrimental to organizations’ security…

Confusing drama? Intrigue? Passion? Cliffhangers? Look no further than the XDR Telenovela and its never-ending stream of episodes.

New episodes — the plot thickens

If you are a technology buyer for the SOC I bet the XDR Telenovela is programming you could do without. Every day, there seems to be a new dramatic episode. Yet another…

Gorka Sadowski

Cybersecurity expert and Chief Strategy Officer at Exabeam. Former Gartner analyst driving SIEM and SOC research and builder of the Splunk security ecosystem.

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